Trainer: Kate Lloyd (UK)
If you:

Find it difficult to make small talk with international colleagues

Are interested in how differences in culture and communication style can affect our business relationships

Have ever had a new colleague misunderstand your behaviour

Then join our short course on Cross Cultural Communication Skills. In the course we will use specific examples of cross cultural workplaces and advice from communication professionals to develop our awareness and understanding of issues in the international workplace.
Course trainer
Kate Lloyd
Great Britain
Qualifications: a Postgraduate Diploma in teaching English from Trinity College London, the Postgraduate Diploma in management, an international speaking examiner.

Academic Director of LSE. Kate has been working in 7 countries across the world: Thailand, China, the UK, Spain, Ukraine. She has spent 6 years in Ukraine, teaching English to a varietry of age groups, different class types and training English teachers around the country.